Design Harmonisation - Customer Services
Unique and quality customer service from design to production.

At Acute Laser, we understand the importance of design testing and verification to your project.

That’s why we’ve developed our Design Harmonisation Methodology to ensure that the final product ‘fits right, first time’.

Our Design Harmonisation Methodology is a unique customer service experience aimed at helping you achieve your desired product outcome. The Design Harmonisation process streamlines parts development, reduces R&D cycles and cuts lead times to improve your bottom line. It assists clients to solve ‘design to fabrication’ problems at the drafting, development and prototype phase, avoiding costly manufacturing errors and site modifications.

All part designs are verified against our production parameters and we’ll pick up the phone if something isn’t right to achieve accurately folded parts to your specifications.

Our CAD design professionals are highly experienced and bring ‘real world’ industry expertise across a wide range of industries to every project.