Here at Acute Laser we are proud to now offer our customers a deburring and edge rounding service.

    This process can have several benefits for our customers, first one being it helps comply with Australian Standard AS2312.2:2014 which strongly recommends that all laser cut parts that are going to be coated should be deburred with any sharp edges ground off.

    Secondly from a safety perspective especially when using stainless steels, deburring and edge rounding significantly reduces the risk or cuts when handling parts and the risk of damage to other parts from scratching.

    It can also help remove the scale sometimes found on heavier gauge plate, so preparation time for welding is dramatically reduced.




    We perform this service at Acute Laser using our state of the art LISSMAC metal processing machine.


    This German built machine can process mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to 25mm thick and can process both sides of the part at the same time.


    Please ask about this service next time you call or email for a quote and our sales team can discuss the best option for your particular job.