Acute Laser - Metal Folding

High quality and accurate folding of parts is a key service offered by Acute Laser.

Our Design Harmonisation Methodology combined with well trained and experienced operators ensures that parts are folded exactly to your design specifications.

We combine the latest pressing technology with ‘old school’ skills training for our operators to ensure a high degree of accuracy in all parts that we produce. Our operators use fully specified drawings and pressing programs for each part, produced by our CAD programmers using the latest in 3D pressing software.

We operate Trumpf V230, LVD PPEB 135, and LVD PPEB 220 press brakes, each with a bed length of 3,000mm and a folding capacity up to 12mm thick. All three machines are CNC controlled with automatic crowning to ensure that long parts are pressed accurately over their entire length.

Our tooling range is growing continuously ensuring you receive access to the widest range of material and bending specifications. As well as the usual air bending tools, we offer you a coining set for accurate bottom bending of thinner materials, a hemming tool set and a full range of radius tools.

Metal bending and folding