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About us

At Acute Laser, our promise is to provide you with high-end laser cutting, metal folding and project refinement from the design phase through to the final production.

Our experienced team has designed testing and verification methodologies, which have streamlined product development. Put our experience to work for you.

Cutting edge equipment

At Acute Laser, we use cutting-edge equipment to deliver precise and efficient results. Our CNC systems integrate computer-aided design software with high-end fabrication technologies, allowing us to produce high-quality products with speed and accuracy.

State-of-the-art technology

Our workshop is filled with the industry’s leading laser-cutting machines and metal folding and deburring equipment. 

Decades of experience

Armed with the best tools, our designers and operators apply decades of expertise to the refinement process.

Agile processes

At Acute Laser, we believe that the sum is greater than its parts. Our team of professionals has developed a strong sense of confidence and agility through years of working together and mastering our equipment. This allows us to work fast and efficiently, delivering high-quality results to our clients.
Our services

Our services at Acute Laser are designed to meet your needs, thanks to the winning combination of our state-of-the-art machinery and skilled professionals.

With precise processes that meet your design requirements, we guarantee exceptional results for every project.

Laser Cutting

Acute Laser is equipped with three state-of-the-art Trumpf laser cutting machines that can handle a wide range of materials, including mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and copper.

Metal Folding

Rely on our skilled team for accurate metal folding that meets your design specifications. Our expert operators use top-quality tools to form your metal components with precision for projects big and small.

Edge Rounding

We know and acknowledge that following the recommendations of AS2312.2:2014, helps our clients produce safe-to-handle, high-quality metal products that meet industry standards.

Equipped with top-rated laser cutting machine technology

At Acute Laser, we understand the importance of investing in the latest technology to provide our clients with exceptional results. That’s why we sought out the best metal processing equipment from around the world and brought it to Queensland. Our tried and tested machinery consistently produces world-class results that keep our clients coming back for more.
Trumpf laser cutting technology for precise, high quality results.

Our Process At Acute Laser: Delivering Excellence In Laser Cutting

Consultation and Design

The first step in our process is a detailed consultation to understand your specific requirements for laser cutting in Brisbane. Our team listens closely to your needs, considering the product’s material, design intricacies, and end-use. We then move to the design phase, where our experts use advanced software to optimise your designs for laser cutting.

Precision Cutting and Processing

Utilising our advanced Trumpf laser cutting machines, we precisely cut your materials to the exact specifications. Each piece undergoes stringent quality checks, so it meets our high standards. This attention to detail guarantees that every cut is clean, precise, and ready for the next stage of your project.

Finishing and Delivery

After cutting, our skilled technicians ensure that each piece is finished to perfection. The final step is the delivery of your finished products. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times, ensuring your project stays on schedule. Our team works to get your laser-cut pieces to you quickly and efficiently.

Our Accreditation

Our accreditations affirm our commitment to workplace safety and confirm our relationships working with defence contractors and across the industrial community. We are also certified as an Australian-owned business.

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