Superior Metal Processing

Acute Laser specializes in high-end metal processing techniques, including laser cutting, metal folding and edge rounding.

Who we are

Acute Laser brings together experience, expertise and next-gen technology to deliver for you.

An Australian-owned family business, we’re been providing precision metal components tailored to meet clients’ exact specifications since 1999. Our cutting-edge technology and team of experts are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service that prioritises customer satisfaction. We take pride in our commitment to responsible business practices and in exceeding our clients’ expectations through exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Our values

Trust Acute Laser to reduce your R&D cycles and improve your bottom line.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Our factory is filled with the leading laser cutting, metal folding and deburring technologies. Design is important but the execution is key and having the right tools for every job is central to our mission.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our CNC technology cross-integrates our designer team's software systems with the machines on the factory floor. Everything is cut to your precise design.

Decades of Experience

Armed with the best tools and decades of experience, our designers and fabricators apply their expertise and precision to the refinement process.

Agile Processes

Agility is the ability to move artfully through difficult tasks. When it comes to metal processing, we have all the essential pieces in place to move thoughtfully from the design process through to manufacturing and delivery.

At a glance

Accreditation and Expertise

Our accreditations affirm our commitment to workplace safety and confirm our relationships working with defence contractors and across the industrial community. We are also certified as an Australian-owned business.

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Certified to Assure Quality

We’ve gone through the rigorous process of certifying our workplace, our people and our practices to assure we meet government and industry standards for quality and performance.